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2023 Speakers


Joanna Gutmann

Joanna Gutmann

Proprietor, Joanna Gutmann

"I used to dread minutes, but now I feel confident and empowered" - feedback that encapsulates Jo's approach to training. After working as a secretary, PA and in administration, she made the move to training whilst working in a residential training centre. After its closure, she became freelance, focusing originally on business writing.

In response to enquiries about minute-taking training, Jo backed up what she had learnt by experience with research into what is needed for effective minutes… and her popular ‘Minutes Made Easy’ course was born. This is now supported by self-learning packages on speedwriting and speedreading.

Jo’s approach is to avoid PowerPoint and use group exercises and practical work to focus on building the knowledge. skill and confidence of delegates. Whilst covid forced her online, she’s maintained an approach that is as involving as possible, with training that doesn’t just talk about minutes, but demonstrates how to take useful notes and present them as professional minutes.