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2023 Speakers


Jessica Gardiner

Jessica Gardiner

Founder & CEO, The Assistant Room

After being an EA for 12 years in fashion journalism, healthcare and UHNW property, Jess knew exactly what it felt like to be told “you’re just a PA”, when actually you are the gateway to some of the most powerful Executives in the world. In 2016 she recognised the lack of support that was available for PA’s and EA's so created The Assistant Room, an award winning global membership platform and podcast that provides assistants at every stage in their career with the resources to consistently improve their business skills and create a wildly successful career. Having grown the brand to impact over 50,000 assistants in over 37 different countries, Jess is now recognised globally as an industry leader who represents the future of assistants around the world, holding corporate businesses accountable for the inclusion of PA's and EA's in training, development and continued professional growth.