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2023 Speakers


Jasmine Mbye

Jasmine Mbye

Leadership Development Speaker & Trainer, The Like Me CIC

Jasmine Mbye is a multiple award-winning TEDx international Keynote Speaker, Lead Trainer, Coach and Co-author at The Like Me CIC, who has been featured on the BBC news and whose work with women has been recognised as outstanding. Jasmine combines over 15 years professional expertise of developing others, with business failure and her personal experience of overcoming abuse to empower and inspire women, who often hide behind a mask, so they can overcome obstacles, fulfil their potential and advance to become leaders in their work, business and life who flourish.

Working with small and medium organisations to improve productivity and save money by retaining and developing female talent, progressing gender and racial equity. Enabling each woman to better advocate for herself, achieve targets as well as goals and dreams.