2022 Speakers


Jasmine Mbye

Jasmine Mbye

Speaker, Trainer & Coach, The Like Me CIC

Jasmine is the Empowerment Champion, a multiple award-winning TEDx international Speaker, Trainer & Coach who uses over 14 years of professional expertise and her personal experience of overcoming abuse to inspire and empower women and teen girls to show up authentically, speak their truth confidently and allow their abilities to shine boldly. This is so they can achieve their goals and dreams. Working with organisations and individuals to unleash female potential.

Jasmine Mbye has been featured in The Suns’ Fabulous Magazine, Luton Today and is a regular contributor to radio stations such as BBC Three Counties Radio, Inspire FM, Luton Urban Radio and podcasts. Jasmine also shares her expertise by delivering inspiring talks at multiple locations such as conferences, retreats and other events. In addition, Jasmine has partnered with the NHS Bedfordshire Recovery College and other organisations. Specialising in developing personal leadership, enhancing employability and improving wellbeing through speaking, training and events.