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James Hasler

James Hasler

Principal Consultant, HaslerHill Consulting
James Hasler is an event host, moderator, emcee / MC, front-man and announcer who has a background in both customer service and the performing arts. He spent the best part of his 28 years in industry working for some of the world’s most prestigious car manufacturers, including Jaguar and Aston Martin and was a champion for customer service with Saab. However, throughout those years in the industry, he performed regularly at many live events, as well as acting on stage in his spare time. Following his extensive acting career as a successful semi-professional, James furthered his skills at City Lit in the City of London. It is these stagecraft skills and his years of experience in customer service that he uses now with HaslerHill Consulting, helping clients run their events with impact and giving them confidence in their communication skills. In 2012, James became a Team Leader at the London Olympic and Paralympic Games and constantly guided fresh teams of “Games Makers” throughout both events. Additionally in 2012 James trained as a professional toastmaster. Following training, he became a Fellow with the Guild of International Professional Toastmasters and has since obtained notoriety as one of the country’s leading Master of Ceremonies in his guise as “The Man in the Red Coat” and was awarded the coveted title of Toastmaster of the Year in 2019. It is in this role that he works with four of the City of London’s Livery Companies as their Beadle. During James’ time at City Lit, he also studied acting for radio and voice production. He now has a small studio at home where he regularly produces pre-recorded announcements for events, as well as narration for video and gaming. More information about these can be found at James Hasler Voice. "