2022 Speakers


Henrietta Barker

Henrietta Barker

Director, Workk Life & Host of The Assistants Together Podcast, Workk Life Ltd.

Henrietta is the founder of Workk Life, a renowned recruiter who has turbo-charged the careers of hundreds of assistants and admin support professionals over the past fifteen years.

She is the go-to hiring partner for companies who need thoughtful, modern and innovative recruitment processes that challenge their needs to attract individuals who make a measurable difference in the work they deliver.

Henrietta works with the most dynamic businesses in finance, private equity, media and digital who value and understand the positive impact a high calibre administrative professional or assistant brings to a company.

Henrietta is also the host of the super successful The Assistants Together Podcast, a weekly interview series where assistants and leaders in the industry share their inspirational life stories.