2022 Speakers


Heather Agan de Visser

Heather Agan de Visser

Founder & coach, Fierce Coaching

Heather is a motivational speaker & empowerment coach.

She helps people connect to their unique inner power (their Fierce) so they can navigate change and challenge, and step fiercely into their true purpose. Her method is simple - find your Fierce, follow your Fierce. And through her signature programmes she coaches people on how to do just that.

As well as her qualification in life-coaching, Heather calls on her 15 years experience in international live events (as a successful event producer, content developer & solopreneur) to bring inspiration, momentum, humour and all round fierceness to her work. She speaks about empowerment, trusting your instincts, the power of your network, how to bravely navigate big changes and what it means to lean into your sense of self.

Heather’s unique perspective on the world of live events, running your own business & personal development offers relatable and thought-provoking insights. How can you start living your Fierce life?