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Summer 2024 Speakers


Hayley Hudson

Hayley Hudson

Founder, The VA Lounge® - Hudson Admin Support

Hayley Hudson's entrepreneurial journey was awakened by a seismic event, quite literally, when a 6.8 earthquake in October 2018 shook her back into existence. This wake-up call prompted her to rebuild and rediscover herself, leading to the creation of her own business in 2019. As the owner of Hudson Admin Support, a global business with a hand-picked Associate team, Hayley has triumphed over nerves and self-doubt, earning recognition as one of LinkedIn's Top Voices for 2024 by focusing on delivering her passion for the unsung heroes of the business world, building a supportive network and staying true to her values.

In January 2021 Hayley launched The VA Lounge. An online community for virtual business owners to collaborate, support each other, learn new skills and have those colleagues we can miss being remote workers!

For someone who used to fear tech she has embraced the no-code and low -code software available and now shares her knowledge and skills with her clients, her peers and social audience.