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2023 Speakers


Harpreet Bahad

Harpreet Bahad

Founder & CEO, Open Your Reach LTD

Harpreet Bahad
Confidence & Resilience Coach

Harpreet offers a rich blend of expertise and empathy in her coaching practice, focusing on areas crucial for personal and professional growth: confidence, resilience, life purpose, and wellness. With more than five years of experience in the coaching field, she has cultivated a profound understanding of the diverse challenges and victories people encounter in their lives. Harpreet skillfully extends this insight to both individuals and organisations, helping them navigate their unique paths to success and fulfillment.

Harpreet's personal journey of overcoming burnout in 2022 has been a pivotal chapter in her career, greatly enriching her coaching approach with genuine empathy and deeper insight. This experience not only reinforced her commitment to her clients but also enhanced her ability to authentically connect with both individuals and organisations. She empowers them to discover and harness their inner strengths, guiding them with a unique blend of empathy, practical strategies, and expert knowledge.

Recognised for her deep connection with clients, Harpreet's coaching style is distinguished by her use of personal experiences, practical strategies, and the latest industry insights. Coupled with her ongoing personal and professional development — including certifications in Life, Health, and Executive Coaching — Harpreet is well-equipped and dedicated to helping her clients achieve their full potential.

In her upcoming talk, Harpreet will share her knowledge and strategies, providing attendees with actionable tools and inspiring stories. Her talk is designed to be impactful and transformative, offering fresh viewpoints on fostering resilience and confidence in both personal endeavors and professional environments.

Dedicated to facilitating personal growth and positive change, Harpreet is committed to guiding her clients – be they individuals or businesses – towards achieving a balanced, fulfilling life and a productive, harmonious workplace.