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2023 Speakers


Hannah Adams

Hannah Adams

Creativity and Partnerships Manager, M.Y.O Place

M.Y.O (Make Your Own) is London's favourite place for adults to get creative - online or offline.
Set up by Diana and Sam in 2017, they wanted to help 1,000,000 adults get creative and we're well on our way to achieving that. Join us to give your creative muscles a workout and de-stress! From lino printing to drawing to embroidery to brush lettering and more, we'll get you making and expressing your creative side through 14+ arts & crafts. We also provide creative kits for online or offsite events.

What we do
At M.Y.O we help people tap into their creativity so that they can experience its health, wellbeing and mindfulness benefits. We help people to connect, boost their confidence and empower them through creative experiences. Creativity is the key to navigating the new normal of remote teams, flexible working and 'the office'.