2022 Speakers


Claudia Romero

Claudia Romero

Founder/Owner, Claudia Romero Coaching

Claudia Romero

Time Efficiency and Holistic Productivity Coach and Speaker

Claudia teaches business owners and employees how to increase time efficiency and productivity.
Claudia leverages her research and knowledge in holistic productivity and shines a light on various ways time can be optimised.
As a mother of 3, with one child with disabilities and 1 child with ASD, and the owner of multiple businesses, Claudia has had her fair share of challenges yet understands the importance of balance.
Her proven and easy to follow methods and non-traditional productivity approach help people in business overcome overwhelm and burnout, simplify their lives and achieve the results they want - growing their business and having time to have fun in their personal lives without feeling guilty nor having any regrets.
Claudia is a captivating speaker who will deliver a first-class masterclass for achieving success.