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Christabel Charles

Christabel Charles

Founder and CEO, SideSparkz

Christabel Charles is the Founder and CEO of SideSparkz, business consultant, International speaker and mentor. A visionary, disruptive Leader in the Virtual Assistant market space, featured by Virgin and labelled 'a Founder to watch'.

SideSparkz is a VA marketplace creating opportunities for UK-based VAs to find clients, gain visibility, grow, learn and inspire. Recently named Top 36 Freelancer companies in London.

Before founding SideSparkz, Christabel spent over a decade working in Corporate Finance, FinTech and at a Plc. She started her career as a PA in Legal and worked her way up to a six-figure Chief of Staff at a billion-dollar Finance company.

Christabel is passionate about creating better opportunities for Assistants as she understands the challenges and lack of recognition the Assistant role faces.

She graduated with First Class Honours in Business Management (BA).