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2023 Speakers


Chris Hodson

Chris Hodson

Programme Director, Pitman Training

Chris commenced his career at Reed Executive, gaining vital skills in customer success and HR management. He joined Working Links, a joint venture between Capgemini and Manpower in 2002, spearheading business development and achieving substantial contract wins that propelled the company's growth. In 2007, Chris played a crucial role in founding Pinnacle People focusing on integrating employment skills with infrastructure regeneration.

A decade ago, he co-founded Opportunities Workshop with David Morley. This venture has since evolved to encompass several Pitman Training campuses and the Melius recruitment brand supporting local businesses to overcome talent and skills shortages.

In his current role at Pitman Training, Chris leads the development and delivery of the organisations career development programme to ensure they're always fit for the future in today's fast changing world of work.