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2023 Speakers


Andy Workman

Andy Workman

Mindset Specialist, Andy Workman

Andy is a solution focused hypnotherapist and speaker whose services are enjoying increasing demand from all over the world. He is also the author of the hugely popular book ‘Cavemen and Polar Bears - a proven strategy for the effective management of your mood and mindset.’
Utilising over a decade in clinical practice experience, combined with over thirty years service as a police officer (both military and civil), Andy brings a reality to his work which makes his message so much easier to understand, retain and apply in everyday life. He believes that prevention is better than cure, focusing on building resilience in individuals and organisations to minimise potential damage caused by negativity. His warm and humorous approach to the subjects of mental health and mindset development / improvement comes from his unique blend of professional knowledge, endless research and life experience, and has been described as ‘life-changing.”