2022 Speakers


Alison Green

Alison Green

Director, Elevatium Training

With a career spanning 3 decades, Alison has worked alongside FTSE 100 Chairmen, Founders, CEOs and Directors as well as small independent business owners, providing them all with seamless business administrative support. She excelled as an Executive Assistant, rising to the top of her profession with a deep understanding of the important role that a professional Assistant can play in helping businesses to succeed.

In addition to her supporting roles, Alison has led and managed teams of 10-60 EAs in the Legal, Consulting and Accountancy Sectors. She has also written, developed and delivered multiple training programmes to hundreds of employees around the world.

As she worked in these support roles, Alison discovered that there was a real need for training and resources to elevate Executive Assistants, Personal Assistants and Virtual Assistants to the next level in their careers. She realised that the skills needed to set an Assistant apart were not the hard skills of technology, systems or processes. The skillset required to differentiate between a good Assistant and a great Assistant requires the honing of soft skills.

With that in mind, Alison launched Elevatium Training in 2021 and has written and developed a series of short training courses, specifically tailored to EAs, PAs and VAs, to help them rise above their peers and to reach their next career goals.