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2023 Speakers


Ali Green

Ali Green

Founder, Elevatium Training

Ali spent just over 3 decades as a PA and an EA. During that time she worked alongside Chairmen, Founders, CEOs, Directors and HNWIs and managed teams of between 10 and 60 EAs.

In those corporate roles she also wrote, developed and delivered live training courses to hundreds of EAs across the globe.

Additionally, she ran her own Virtual Assistant Business from 2019-2021, supporting small independent business owners and entrepreneurs.

As she worked in her various roles, Ali discovered that there was a general lack of good training that was designed specifically for EAs, to keep them motivated and to help drive their careers forwards.

With that in mind, Ali launched Elevatium Training at the start of 2022 and has now written and developed a core set of training courses, specifically designed to support EAs and to help them grow, develop and excel in their roles.