2022 Speakers


Alex Long

Alex Long

Workplace Ergonomics Consultant, Agilea Soft Solutions Limited

Originally trained as a Physiotherapist and starting my career in the French Alps, I moved to London to join my wife in 2007.
Being in London meant working with corporate clients from the Financial and Legal sectors, and helped by the DSE regulations, I quickly understood the importance of Workplace and Working environments when implementing an injury treatment strategy for my patients.
Year on year, my interest in workplace ergonomics grew to the point that in 2016, it became my main activity.
Since then, I have been advising businesses on how to prevent RSI injuries in the workplace, or facilitate the return of injured people to work, as well as helping businesses implement a flex-office approach with no impact on the health of their employees.
This has resulted in the creation of an innovative take on workplace ergonomics through an online solution, Agilea.
As the pandemic has shown the importance of employees’ health (mental, physical), I am now hoping to help businesses implement an employee pain-free Hybrid Work strategy through a phygital approach.