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By Jodie Mears, FInstAM

Comes in all shapes and forms; it really has been THE buzzword of the last 2 years! 

What about Intellectual Wellness?

Here are a few tips we can use to understand what that even is? and how to apply it.

Improve Your Study Skills- Learning new information about the way that your mind processes information can be a vital tool.

Understanding the ways that you learn best will help you be successful while absorbing new information.

Read! Reading for fun can be hard when you are spending most of your time working or dealing with home life, fighting those metaphoric daily fires, but finding time, even if it is a small amount, to read, can improve your intellect and influence your mind to think about other information that is not regurgitate from formal text books .

Brain Games- Working through puzzles and brain games helps to increase brain power. What's your favourite? maybe it's an app you can share?

Learn A New Skill -Take time to learn a new skill or activity. Step out of your comfort zone and stimulate your brain. This can be anything you enjoy. Learning a new skill is a fun and interactive way to increase your intellectual wellness.

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