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30 Aug 2023

Wellbeing at Work: A One-Day Conference Dedicated to PA/EAs

Wellbeing at Work: A One-Day Conference Dedicated to PA/EAs

Be a Change-Maker  

We are facing a mental health crisis. A survey of businesses by PwC and The Times found that two in five companies have seen an increase in employees taking long-term sick leave because of mental ill health.  Burnout and unhealthy working culture costs most organisations at least £2,200 - £3,300 per person per year.

That is why The PA Club has joined forces with Mycelium Group to bring you:

Wellbeing at Work
A one-day conference dedicated to PA/EAs
enabling you to become a change-maker within your organisation and bring meaningful and lasting improvement to the business as a whole. You'll leave with a clear set of tools, techniques and actions to improve engagement and performance, attract talent and increase retention.


The day comprises three workshops delivered by Mycelium Group senior leaders:

  • Building personal resilience: aimed at you, the PA/EA, and based on the latest research in psychology, this toolkit of practical take-away techniques will help you to manage your thoughts and emotions, reduce stress, mitigate burnout and improve personal resilience.
  • Maintaining boundaries and work-life balance: Pro-active work-life balance and healthy working is a learnt skill.  These techniques help develop and sustain boundaries and performance, providing agency, motivation and rationale for work-life balance.
  • Becoming a Changemaker: a session on productive organisational energy and its importance for the company as a whole. Presenting the business case for improving workplace wellbeing and organisational culture, how this can be communicated to leaders and a roadmap of actionable strategies.

All three sessions will be 90 minutes long, with layered interactivity, small group discussion, Q&A, and anonymous polling.

Wellbeing at Work
Monday 2nd October 2023
09:00 – 17:00
The Bloomsbury Hotel, Great Russell St., London WC1B 3NN


Tickets: £100. 
20% discount when 5 or more members of the same company attend, all tickets to be purchased at the same time

Ticket price includes lunch and refreshments

Contact Charmian for more information



MYCELIUM are future-of-wellbeing pioneers, transforming approaches to burnout, resilience and workplace culture within organisations. Through award-winning programmes and innovative, industry-leading consulting, they deliver scalable impact, guided by the latest scientific approaches in conjunction with their own lived experiences of overcoming mental health challenges.

The 5* Bloomsbury Hotel is part of the family-owned Doyle group.  Show rounds will be available throughout the day.


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