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Strategic PA Network - Upcoming Event

Strategic PA Network - Upcoming Event
Strategic PA Network, a professional network for Executive Assistants and Business Support Professional of all levels hosts events online and in person, they have an event coming up in Windsor at The Caste Hotel in Windsor next week entitled 'High Performing Executive Assistants: Building a Foundation of Sustainable Performance' with phenomenal Keynote Speaker Mike Ford, Founder of GratefulLemon 

Mike has a fresh approach to helping leaders take ownership of their wellbeing and performance by reframing stress, rewiring the work day and embracing a concept uncommon in the workplace, called unapologetic recovery. Mike’s background in business, human behaviour, employee engagement, leadership coaching and a passion to help people to be their best, led him to start Grateful Lemon with a clear purpose. He has spent the last number of years understanding and working with the best in science, sport, performance and health.

A stone's throw away from Windsor Castle... The Castle Hotel is in such an incredible location! If you have any questions about attending or Strategic PA Membership, do connect with Marianne WhitlockSavanna SkeathEmma Wharfe or myself. We'd be more than happy to chat to you.
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