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09 Feb 2021

Self-care for PA productivity and positivity

Self-care for PA productivity and positivity

There is no underestimating the mental strain living through a pandemic has put on us as we push through our third national lockdown with many of us having to now juggle home schooling. Although the slower pace of life has been a nice reprieve from everyday stresses, working from home for months on end comes with its own challenges.

Whether it’s missing office chit chat with colleagues or the opportunity to wear something other than leggings, working through a pandemic has affected how we work and productivity levels.

What is Self-Care and how can it help you right now?
Self-Care is taking time for yourself to really understand what your body and mind needs. It doesn’t have to be hours soaking in the bubble bath or extortionate spa visits – it is completely different for everyone and it’s so important you find out what works for you. What is it that brings you more joy?

The reason why Self-Care is so important, is because if you’re not looking after number one, you’re not able to show up as your best self and accomplish (whether in work or in personal relationships) your true goals and desires.

Taking the time to practice Self-Care will have a huge impact on how you interact with your loved ones, colleagues and how you perform your daily tasks at work. You can’t pour from an empty cup!

Self-Care habits to increase productivity
Follow these tools, tips and tricks to help you feel more in control of your to-do list and feel empowered at work:

Stay connected to colleagues
I know we are all a bit Zoomed out but staying connected doesn’t have to be on a video call. Arrange a lunchtime chat with another colleague whilst you’re both out on a walk. Getting some fresh air and connecting with a colleague just to see how each other is getting on is so important and will alleviate worry and sharing concerns is much more helpful than holding on to them.

Create a productivity-friendly working environment
Not all of us have the luxury of a separate room in the house to close behind us at 5:30pm, which is why it’s so important to keep your dedicated workspace tidy, organised and away from distractions (as much as possible). Adding plants, fresh flowers or lighting a candle can create a calmer atmosphere. Take notice of how your body feels when you’re at your desk and ensure you have the right equipment to support your posture. And importantly ensure you can pack-up and leave your desk at the end of the day so you’re not tempted to check emails throughout your evening.

Create a work-friendly routine to keep you focused
It’s so easy to jump straight on your laptop as soon as you see it, without the morning commute to buffer the time you start working. Make sure you ‘get ready to go to work’ like you would normally, wear something comfy that aren’t your PJs! Try going for a short walk in the morning or do some gentle stretching before sitting down to work.

It’s proven that taking regular breaks will help you stay focused on the tasks you set yourself. The Pomodoro Technique is a great tool to help you stay completely on track and increase your productivity throughout the day.

For more Self-Care tools and to connect with other Assistants – follow @self_care_tribe

Sarah Bray


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