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19 Apr 2023

SecsintheCity Salary Survey

SecsintheCity Salary Survey

SecsintheCity, the UK’s number one specialist job site for PAs, EAs, and business support professionals, has launched its annual 2023 salary survey. Shining a light on salaries, bonuses and benefits, we turned to over 1,500 professionals to detail the intricate insights of their working lives. 

Revealing highs, lows, and unexpected revelations across the business support recruitment market, the results mirror the impact of a candidate-driven job landscape on employers, with 60% of respondents reporting a salary increase - a 36% increase from the 2022 figures. Additionally, 53% of respondents received a bonus.  

66% of our audience reported working in a hybrid model – an augmented trend of 2023, and something that 30% of our community noted as the factor they valued most in their job. With 67% of our respondents detailing their satisfaction at work, we’re left to consider the impact that hybrid working has had on our work-life balance.   

Honouring the PA community, Private PAs topped the salary charts for a second year running, with an average salary of £55,179 - a 9% annual increase on 2022 figures. PAs have much to celebrate in 2023, with 62% acquiring a pay rise, a 47% uplift on 2022 statistics; resulting in an average salary of £40,699 on average per annum. 52% of our PA audience also received a bonus.  

The challenges of the multi-boss movement continue to infiltrate the industry, with the 49% of our audience working for multiple managers, taking home £6,000 less than the 21% who support a single executive. There is, however, a notable 5% pay rise from 2022 figures, with multi-boss professionals earning £41,300 on average. 

Benchmark your salary – discover your standing in the market. Download the full salary survey report today.
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