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Ross & Ross Gifts Reveal their Festive Foodie Gifts for Christmas 2021

Ross & Ross Gifts Reveal their Festive Foodie Gifts for Christmas 2021
MULTI award-winning fine food company Ross & Ross Gifts have curated a selection of fabulously festive and unique Christmas Day gifts for 2021.

The range includes various seasoning and condiment packs to add an extra wow-factor to your Christmas dinner, a kit to create your own delicious dry-cured ham, two different Christmas roast gifts, and two pantry hampers to assist you with all your Christmas cooking needs.

Ross & Ross Gifts have produced these Christmas gifts for any foodie who loves proper British food and wants to try something new. The kits are intended to provide an experience as well as being a great gift. With the upcoming Christmas season, these kits are a fantastic present or stocking filler containing everything they need to create the ultimate Christmas dinner for friends and family.

After such a rotten year, let’s make this Christmas one to remember!

Christmas Roast Seasonings Tube

The Christmas Roast Seasonings Tube is the ideal gift for anyone that wants to elevate their Christmas Dinner! This
eco-friendly tube includes our customers’ favourite roast seasonings from our roast dinner range – Roast Turkey Rub, Pigs in
Blankets Dust and Brussels Sprout Dust. Ross & Ross Gifts have locally sourced these delicious products to add that extra
wow-factor to your traditional dinner.

Roast Seasonings Tube

Luxury Christmas Condiments Tube

In the run-up to Christmas, Ross & Ross Gifts have created the classy Luxury Christmas Condiments Tube as the perfect gift
or self-gifting idea for the whole festive season. The tube is wrapped in a charming Christmas-themed sleeve and includes
the most luxurious condiments from our roast range - a Truffle Mayonnaise, Roast Ham Glaze and Smoked Apple Chutney.

luxury tube

The Homemade Curing Tube… Ham

Ross & Ross Gifts’ curing kits have been some of their best sellers, and they have excitingly launched the new Homemade
Ham Curing Tube just in time for Christmas. Not only is this a great-looking gift to pop under the tree, it also offers a unique
hands-on experience to make this a Christmas to remember. Use the included curing mixture to give your ham that
delicious, salty flavour. Then balance this with the sweetness of the Roast Ham Glaze to create the most mouth-watering
roast ham at the Christmas dinner table.

Curing ham

Christmas Roast Dinner Box

After some research, Ross & Ross Gifts discovered that there was a sense of tiredness around the traditional Christmas
Dinner. Therefore, they have created the Christmas Roast Dinner Box - packed with new and exciting flavours to really wow
your dinner guests. So no more boring sprouts that everybody dreads! The box contains their award-winning Roast Potato
Oil, Brussels Sprout Dust, Pigs In Blankets Dust, and Roast Turkey Rub. This hamper is everything you need to make your
Christmas Dinner that extra bit amazing.

roast dinner

Christmas Roast Dinner Kit

The Christmas Roast Dinner Kit is the ideal stylish gift to liven up your Christmas Dinner to make it the tastiest feast ever. It
includes Ross & Ross Gifts’ marvellous Brussels Sprout Dust, Pigs In Blankets Dust, Roast Turkey Rub and our award-winning
Roast Potato Oil. The products curated for this kit are all sourced from in and around the Cotswolds, to ensure the best and
most unique flavours. Ross & Ross Gifts have specifically selected blends that work perfectly with classic roast dishes and
trimmings to give it that wow-factor.


Christmas Roast Dinner Trio Pack

The Christmas Roast Dinner Trio Pack is everything you need to make your Christmas Dinner extra memorable this year!
With a delightful combination of sweet and spicy flavours, the Turkey Rub is perfect for creating the tastiest turkey you’ve
ever served. The Brussels Sprout Dust will pimp up any dull and mushy sprout, coupled with the delicious Pigs In Blankets
Dust to perk up those pigs this Christmas. Be prepared to bring unique and exciting flavours to your dinner table, and to
make your roast the talk of the town this festive season.


Christmas Pantry Essentials Hamper

Packed full of customer favourites, the Christmas Pantry Essentials Hamper is the ideal self-gifting idea if you want to add a
wow-factor to your own Christmas dinner. Or it makes a unique gift for a foodie who loves to be the head chef in the
kitchen on Christmas Day. This selection of gifts will assist in the responsibility of making the Christmas dinner and will bring
another tasty dimension to your roast this year. The hamper contains Truffle Mayonnaise, Cranberry Sauce, Smoked Apple
Chutney, Truffle Oil, Brussels Sprout Ketchup, Lemon Mayonnaise, Roast Dinner Dust, award-winning Roast Potato Oil, and
recipe cards.


Ultimate Christmas Pantry Hamper

Containing a whopping 16 delicious products, the Ultimate Christmas Pantry Hamper is the perfect foodie gift this
Christmas. Ross & Ross Gifts have included some of their reliable customer classics, and also various luxury items from
trusted Cotswold suppliers to make your Christmas dinner extra special this festive season. We all know someone that loves
to take on the daring responsibility of cheffing in the kitchen on Christmas Day, and this is the ideal gift to assist them with
it. This incredible hamper contains Truffle Mayonnaise, Cranberry Sauce, Smoked Apple Chutney, Truffle Oil, Brussels Sprout
Ketchup, Lemon Mayonnaise, Roast Dinner Dust, Pigs In Blankets Dust, Brussels Sprout Dust, Roast Ham Glaze, Roast Turkey
Rub, Tewkesbury Mustard, Bearnaise Sauce, Smoky Chipotle Ketchup, award-winning Roast Potato Oil and Salt & Vinegar
Salt, and recipe cards.


About Ross & Ross Gifts
Ross & Ross Gifts are a small fine food company based in and around the Cotswolds and specialise in producing food gifts
and products. They launched in 2011 and are mainly known for their bacon and salmon Homemade Curing Kits. They
rebranded in 2019 and now produce a range of BBQ, Roast Dinner & Veggie seasonings all intended to enhance the flavours
in your food. They also produce a range of curing kits and hampers which all include products sourced from within the UK.
Ross Bearman – Founder & Director

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