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Does your office provide quality soft drinks to its employees?

Does your office provide quality soft drinks to its employees?

Employers are realising that providing quality drinks at work is just one of the investments they can make in their staff. And of course, where there are investments – there are returns.

How can a drinks station increase productivity?

A refreshing drink can keep employees on track by keeping the brain hydrated and improving concentration. Providing a cold beverage dispensing machine for the office says a lot about you in the eyes of your people. Knowing that you care about their comfort and wellbeing will keep them engaged and motivated, creative and productive. At Smart Soda, our office drinks dispensers are changing the way we think about workplace perks.

Enter Smart Soda!

How can Smart Soda improve employee wellbeing?

It is up to your employees what they choose to drink but as their employer it makes sense to encourage a healthy diet. Avoid buying regular, sugary drinks which will have a negative impact on their health. Many packaged juices also include a high amount of fructose corn syrup, which can increase the risk for diabetes. Overall, sugar is well known for the peaks and falls in energy which ultimately make people sluggish.

By comparison Smart Soda is made with only low sugar or no sugar at all. We choose the plant-based natural sweetener Stevia, over chemical sweeteners. All our drinks are 100% vegan, antioxidant rich, and gluten-free.

Smart Soda’s delicious range of drinks are infused with vitamins to help stave off illness.  Strengthening the immune system with vitamins C, B3, B5, B6 and B12 makes for healthier employees. The alkaline water we use as a base for all our drinks not only tastes better but has substantial wellness benefits too.

Enticing people back to the office from working at home was never going to be easy. Installing a soft drinks dispenser for the office is one way you might just win them over.  Our craft sodas are available as still or sparkling and in an exciting range of flavours all from an attractive post mix dispenser. You won’t be disappointed!

For further information contact Sales & Marketing Director, Mark Butterfield on 07980 301065 or email

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