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Leaders succeed based on the strength of their communication

Leaders succeed based on the strength of their communication

There are 4 Key Areas that any leaders needs to work on:
1. Presenting With Confidence and Charisma
2. Projecting Credibility
3. Direct Conversations and Interview
4. Build a Diverse Success-Based Network.


Imagine being good enough to present on any stage in the world… What if one of those stages was TED-X?

Speak to Shine has created a training programme designed to transform any leader into a world-class speaker. Based on more than 60 years of experience, it combines cutting-edge VR and AI technology with group and 121 coaching from world-class trainers, this programme is specifically designed to create confidence, presence and credibility no matter the size audience of your audience.

Creating your signature story and bringing together an exclusive group of leaders from diverse backgrounds and industries, this 6 month programme culminates in the opportunity to be selected for a TED-X presentation.

Imagine feeling in control of every conversation…
What if you were interviewed by Forbes magazine and were magnificent?

Being able to elegantly and comfortably direct a conversation or interview to communicate the message you want to convey is the entire purpose of the Interview Training Programme set up by Speak to Shine. Combining voice coaching, body language training, language and story creation, along with VR and AI technology, this 6-month programme is a credibility transformation for any leader, which culminates in an opportunity to feature in an article in Forbes magazine.

At Speak to Shine we make it easy for people to become World Class Speakers with expert reputations and credibility on a global scale.

If the thought of what might be possible for you if you were able to access either of the outcomes described above, then we should be talking.

Email for more information or to discuss whether this is a good match to help you have the career and the reputation you want.

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