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Ison Travel opens dedicated US office

Ison Travel opens dedicated US office

AN increasing number of companies are not only recognising the benefits of using a Travel Management Company (TMC); but are demanding their TMC have a local presence.


Changes in attitude to risk

COVID-19 fundamentally changed the way employers thought about and managed corporate travel.  

Helen Cannon, Founder and CEO of ISON Travel, said, “We noticed an increasing number of organisations expressing concern that they didn’t have the time or in-house expertise to effectively manage their Duty of Care towards employees required to travel for work.”

That’s where a TMC comes into its own.   


Benefits of a TMC

Whilst TMCs can and do book flights, accommodation and ground transportation; where they really add value is their industry expertise and contacts; ability to draft or review corporate travel policies; manage  supplier negotiations; highlight cost saving opportunities; identify risks; track travellers efficiently in order to manage safety and security and arrange emergency evacuation, swift repatriation or mid-journey route changes or alternative transport home, where necessary.


“…thank you for looking after me and getting me home so quickly.  My family couldn't believe that I was able to get home so soon and it was great be able to provide them with support and get things arranged…it is comforting to know that there is support like you guys provide during difficult times.”



Global outlook; local view

Post-pandemic, new UK clients with US offices have expressed a desire to use a US-based service for US travel.  That’s why we’re so delighted by this year’s launch of our first US office in Atlanta, Georgia.  This latest ISON base will enable us to share truly local knowledge, industry expertise and contacts; offering clients an additional layer of support to the 24/7 service already available.

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