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14 Dec 2023

The Importance of a great recruiter by your side!

Tailored Staff Stand: D26P
The Importance of a great recruiter by your side!

When people ask me why I entered an already saturated market full of big names and competition, my answer is simple – because I’ve been on both ends of the recruitment process, an employer for many years but also a candidate myself, and truth to be told - I didn’t like it. Tailored Staff was born to reshape the domestic recruitment industry.

After more than a decade in the industry, I started to develop a concept to improve the power distribution, which I found to be mainly with recruiters rather than Principals or their trusted right hand – PA, EA, VA, House Manager or another decision-making individual. Recruitment is not just about filing roles and issuing invoices; it’s about forging long-term partnerships, initiating and enabling professional growth, and matching great candidates with truly suitable roles.

It's perhaps about time to give you the reins and take your goals as our mission.

And what about a follow-up process; what if you need any guidance, help, or you simply aren’t sure what’s the best start with your new employee? Speak to us. We will take your call even after the invoice has been settled.

Because a great recruiter is your advocate, your strategist, and your partner in success. 

I am here to make your life easier.


Kate Cerna

CEO and Founder of Tailored Staff

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