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20 Jun 2023

The Importance of Face-to-Face Meetings with SWR Business Direct

The Importance of Face-to-Face Meetings with SWR Business Direct

In a virtual world, the value of face-to-face meetings is more important than ever.

When looking at the statistics, 77% of people prefer face to face meetings as they can pick up on visual clues and allows them to negotiate better. 85% of people believe that pressing the flesh in real life creates better, more meaningful business relationships.

A good face-to-face meeting is an organic thing of discovery, ideas, solutions, and flappy hands when trying to emphasise a point. As we move forward, the number of face-to-face meetings will likely continue to drop with the rise of technology. However, these in-person meetings will have more value.

That value will be equal to the effort invested in face-to-face meetings. The benefits are clear - client trust is higher, customer retention is greater, spend is bigger and decision makers are more likely to buy into your messaging.

For those times when a video call can’t compare to a one-to-one meeting, SWR Business Direct is an easy-to-use booking tool that puts you and your organisation in control so you can book, plan, and manage your business travel how you want to.

Whatever your company’s objective, from saving money and reducing your carbon footprint to managing the wellbeing of yourself and your employees, business train travel can meet those needs.

You can buy train tickets for any time and any train company across Britain, not just on the SWR network, with no hidden fees or charges and absolutely no booking fees.

SWR Business Direct is a train ticket management platform for businesses. You can book your rail tickets 24 hours a day, 7 days a week with ease. Employees can either travel the eco-friendly way and use eTickets or alternatively collect paper tickets from any station in Britain, without the need of the company credit card.

Your bespoke company account can be created in a matter of minutes and online training sessions are delivered at your convenience online.

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