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Huggg’s essential 2022 gifting timeline

Huggg’s essential 2022 gifting timeline

2022 is chock-full of opportunities to motivate, reward and thank your teams - and with Huggg’s nifty interactive Gifting Unwrapped timeline in your hand, you won't miss a single one. Keep it safe and use it when you're looking for a reason to treat your team this year.

Our timeline will provide some inspiration for how to make a big impact with a small gift this year. Find out more and download the free timeline here

From tiny startups to big businesses, thousands of like-minded companies are upping their gifting game with Huggg. Our user-friendly, GDPR compliant platform lets you choose, personalise and share workplace gifts in seconds - anywhere you can share a link. Many of our options offer the recipient a choice of gift. Meaning they’ll always receive something they want and is respectful to their lifestyle.

Come and say hi to the Huggg team on stand B22P. We’ll happily give you a quick tour of our platform and send you a free gift while you’re there.

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