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Hi my names Lucy, I own a business called The Urban Botanist, and I just got scammed.

Hi my names Lucy, I own a business called The Urban Botanist, and I just got scammed.

I want to help ensure either small business owners like me dont get caught and to ask for your help to try and find a new customer that can help rescue this unfortunate situation. As a single mother and the MD of a small business, lots of people are relying on me and I need some help.

At The Urban Botanist we sell SUSTAINABLE plant based corporate gifts, which are used by businesses as branded gifts for their customers and staff.

A large 1000 unit order for sustainable hampers was made… and FULLY checked out by our legal/ financial/ credit check teams…. This was a fake order… devastating but

I was lucky

My goods never left the building - but I do have 1,000 gift packs that need to be put to use. The goods are not immediately perishable and will create a great goodwill gift for anyone this Christmas.


Firstly if you or your business receives a large enquiry for goods, from an anonymous overseas business for UK delivery, please, please, please make all the necessary checks and if you are able, request pre-payment or a deposit.


Secondly, if you or any of your contacts might be interested in a fantastic goodwill gift for your teams or customers this winters, and can help my business recover from this set back - please do get in touch. 

As a supplier to Selfridges for the last 4 years you have the opportunity to organise high end, sustainable branded gifts at an amazing price… whilst helping an SME who nearly lost everything. We can sell the branded succulent and chocolates as a lovely gift set for £12 each

The hamper minus champagne £45 each.

Please email Lucy directly mentioning this newsletter to obtain discounted rates.


Thirdly, please share this Press Release to you own network to help protect other business like mine from being targeted by these scammers.

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