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23 Feb 2023

Exclusive Chateau opens on the border of Paris

Exclusive Chateau opens on the border of Paris

Concealed for decades from even the most curiously inclined, it is with great pleasure we announce, the exclusive Chateau de Mortefontaine is opening its doors for the first time. Following years of restoration to protect the exception heritage of this truly remarkable venue, a limited number of events will be permitted per year. 

From its idyllic setting and positioning 

  • 15 minutes from CDG airport
  • 40 minutes from downtown Paris
  • Gala/meeting for 100+
  • 7 magnificent spaces
  • Surrounded by 18 hectares steeped in historic beauty. 

To its truly remarkable story

  • Humble beginnings in the 16th Century
  • Becoming Napoleon Bonaparte’s Family Castle
  • Hosting the likes of Lafayette, Chopin, Desiree Clary - Queen of Sweden, Gerard de Nerval, and the painter Corot
  • And in 1800 became home to the signing of the French American alliance, ‘The Treaty of Mortefontaine’.

This is a place of prestige, and you are exclusively invited to continue the incredible legacy that Chateau de Mortefontaine has established throughout time. 

From full day conferences under the spectacular opulence of the Grand Ballroom chandeliers, to private dinners in the magnificent dining room, to escaping the hustle and bustle for your corporate retreat, we offer a truly unforgettable experience. We welcome your guests to bask in the tranquillity of the space, to rejuvenate, be creative and learn from one another.

For more information, please contact the events team at  or visit our website:

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