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14 Dec 2022

Eco-friendly event experts take next step in sustainability

Eco-friendly event experts take next step in sustainability

An events company with more than 30 years’ experience is boosting its already impressive eco initiatives even further by partnering with sustainability specialists.

Corporate event experts Eventurous say a lot has changed in the industry over the years, and being eco-minded is more important than ever.

Company owners - Joe and Joanna Garland - started their sustainability journey in 2007 and since then have saved enough carbon emissions to equate to 8,644 trees being planted.

From beekeeping on site to generating nearly all their own electricity through solar panels, and planting thousands of trees and a wildflower meadow, the couple have implemented some remarkable sustainability initiatives at their Leicestershire business premises.  Along with being home to Eventurous, the 150-acre Mythe Farm has award-winning wedding and corporate events venue Mythe Barn onsite, and their new for 2022 outdoor tipi.

The duo say the next eco-friendly step was to partner with events and hospitality sustainability experts Greengage Solutions.

Joe said: “Living in a rural community, the environment has always been a focus for us. We started our sustainability journey back in 2007 and it gives us great pleasure to see many others in the industry now doing the same. Being in this together, as a community of event professionals, sharing experiences and knowledge is what is needed to make a difference.”

Joanna added: “We walk the walk when it comes to sustainability and are proud to have a team of mindful people who care about the environment.”

Despite people now being able to meet in person, businesses are still calling for sustainable virtual and hybrid events, with over 20 being delivered by Eventurous so far in December, despite It being a quieter than usual Christmas season for the event industry.

Joe said: “There is a clear uprise in demand for sustainable event options, particularly for clients who have attendees with a long way to travel or are affected by ongoing transport disruptions. iPad Treasure Hunts are another popular sustainable team building activity, with the only travel required on foot and just one staff member needed to host the event.”

Eventurous continue to review and expand their sustainability practices and look forward to announcing further developments in the coming months.

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