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11 Jan 2024

The Crodie Files Podcast LIVE at The PA Show

The Crodie Files Podcast LIVE at The PA Show

CRODIE=(Craig Bryson & Jodie Mears) are two highly experienced Executive Assistants (EAs) who share knowledge and discuss YOUR common questions, concerns and roadblocks to enable you to find solutions and pave the way in YOUR career via this new and insightful podcast.

In each episode of the podcast, as well as respecting your precious time and being under 30 minutes long,  they explore the things assistants go through. Discussing common questions, roadblocks, tips, tricks and hacks to bring a light bulb moment to your day and inspiration for your future.

Not only has The Crodie Files Podcast seen engaged listeners on LinkedIn and in-person networking events, but they are also over the moon with their podcast reaching more than 40 countries and 309 cities globally!

“We are delighted to be attending The PAShow 2024 on both days and delivering the first ever session of its kind and format -THE CRODIE FILES PODCAST LIVE! On February 29th at 11:40 in the Keynote Theatre with some amazing guests”. 

Elevate & Automate will be the topic of this live podcast recording, so join The Crodie Files & special guests for an engaging session filled with insights and valuable knowledge-sharing on personal branding and the hot topic- AI.

“We have the world-class and LinkedIn Top Voice personal branding strategist Amelia Sordell to shed light and share top tips to get started on your personal branding, as well as Amy Lester, a highly successful VA/EA and career mentor, who will be sharing her top tips on AI, personal branding and knowledge from a virtual assistant's perspective.

“Our podcast features a unique format that is a direct response to what the audience is looking for in our niche”.

Be sure to stop by our stand to say hello and connect with these super helpful and influential Executive Assistants on both days of the show and catch up on the podcast here:

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