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Collection Pot to Sponsor The PA Show Canary Wharf 2022

Collection Pot to Sponsor The PA Show Canary Wharf 2022
Collection Pot is delighted to confirm sponsorship of The PA Show Canary Wharf this coming autumn.

Firmly established as the UK’s number one workplace group collecting platform, Collection Pot is frequently used by employees of The NHS, Network Rail, BBC, Google and Barclays.


The online platform offers the perfect solution for workplace collections – whether it’s a job leaver, a new baby, a retirement, a birthday, or even collecting the Christmas Party deposit.


In the last few years, the changing shape of the workplace has meant that employees and organisations have had to adapt to new ways of working, and technology has been at the forefront of making this possible.


CEO & Founder Wendy Carter said: “We’ve probably all been asked to contribute to an office collection at some point in our working lives, putting cash into the communal ‘secret’ envelope, but it was a laborious office task stuck firmly in the dark ages, from there the idea for Collection Pot was born”.


Creating a Pot is free and takes just a few minutes. By sharing the unique link anyone can add their contribution along with a message of congratulations or best wishes.​


​When the Pot closes, the recipient can choose to spend their collection via retailers' e-gift cards or withdraw to a UK or Ireland bank account using a VISA debit card. ​


In 2020, the business launched a charity focused solution to support individuals, teams and organisation’s raising for good causes.


With PAs, EAs and Office Managers being some of our first and now regular Pot creators, we are thrilled to be there in person this coming November. See you soon!

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