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Christmas Gifting All Wrapped Up

Christmas Gifting All Wrapped Up

Based on our very many conversations, we know how important corporate gifting is whether for employees, customers or clients. Done right, gifting is a smooth process that helps maintain and grow these relationships…however the opposite is also true; done badly and it can cause stress and impair them.

NIO Cocktails’ aim is to be the most trusted gifting company for teams, clients & customers; this means:

  • Fantastic choice from our portfolio to ensure there is something for everyone
    • Alcohol and alcohol-free cocktails
    • ‘Singles’, build-your-own boxes or select from our Collection range
    • Delivery to offices, event spaces of individuals’ homes
  • Trusted quality
  • Strong sustainability credentials
  • Multiple options to personalise…including gift cards, packaging and even the cocktails
  • Simplicity and Trust: we take responsibility so that you have peace of mind

This year, we’re incredibly excited to introduce our new, limited-edition, Advent Calendar, a one-of-a-kind collection box, amongst our broader gifting portfolio. But pictures speak a thousand words, so please enjoy an overview of our range and personalisation options shown below and don’t hesitate to reach out to us to find out how we can ensure your Christmas Gifting is all wrapped up.

“NIO is a fabulous gift and has caused much excitement for our clients whom we have sent them to. The packaging is very classy and everything is presented beautifully. Ten out of ten from me”— Global Accounting Group


GM, NIO Cocktails UK

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