With just over three weeks to go until we launch the first edition of the PA Show Manchester, we’re sure you’re wondering what to expect from an exhibition and how it can benefit your career.

Exhibitions can offer a wealth of benefits, both personally and for your business, and missing out on a relevant exhibition to your industry may mean missing out on advantageous opportunities for growth and development.

Meeting and connecting with like minded exhibitors and visitors that serve your industry is one of the most effective forms of marketing you can partake in. Growing your audience means growing your business and when you are self-employed, for example as a Virtual Assistant, exhibitions and conferences really make a difference to your relevance and notoriety. Standing out from the crowd and getting your voice heard in a competitive industry can be overwhelming, but in a like minded pool of professionals that the PA Show Manchester provides, networking is made that much easier.

As a PA, EA, VA or Office Manager, you are a personal brand that many others rely and depend on. Like any successful brand you need to showcase yourself and draw attention to your business (you!). Attending the PA Show can allow you to converse with companies and professionals that are keen to find out about your brand and your ideas, adding to your little black book will always benefit you in the long run.

Exhibitions are a powerful way of staying up to date with what’s going on in your industry at any given moment, and they are very effective places to gain new knowledge and insight. At the PA Show Manchester, we have 16 CPD accredited seminars on offer which you can attend and add to your physical and metaphorical portfolio of knowledge. Furthermore, because relevant people and businesses in your field will be in attendance, the show serves as the perfect location to see what people are up to and which trends and patterns are growing and developing in the industry. The ability to witness how the industry is shifting is a huge opportunity to any professional and the PA Show offers you exactly that, don’t miss out on the PA Show Manchester on July 3 & 4 at Victoria Warehouse, we look forward to seeing you there!