Andrew Jardine is the General Manager for the Institute of Administrative Management (IAM), one of the most established management institutes in the entirety of the UK, he serves as both the operational manager and public face of the institute. Andrew has had a long and varied career, holding a variety of administrative roles in the civil service and central government as well as working as an accountant for the Ministry of Defence.

Andrew craved a career change and realised his passion for developing and training people through the medium of management and organisational development. He worked as a trainer for the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development in a career that spanned 20 years, in 2016 he joined IAM as their new General Manager.

Andrew is now a frequent speaker at regional and national events, sharing his experience in the administrative and training profession by delivering bespoke training and formal qualifications at all organisational levels. Andrew has an appreciation for the secretarial profession and admires the level of multi-tasking and flexibility that office professionals have to demonstrate on a daily basis, as well as the skill it takes to master the balancing act of ‘the fist of iron with the velvet glove’.

Andrew has noticed that since working at IAM he has realised the polarising contrast in opinions that people hold over assistants. Whilst some assistants often get the recognition they deserve, others are left feeling unappreciated and undervalued. As a leading part of his role within the PA training community he now has daily interactions with PA associations and Networks as well as fellow EA/PA trainers, bringing new life, respect and appreciation to the industry.

Andrew will be joining us at PA Show Manchester on July 3 & 4 to deliver two engaging seminars; ‘Conflict at work’ and ‘the challenges of being a part time project manager’. Both sessions will be held in our Personal Development Theatre, spaces are limited so don’t delay booking your place on either of these sessions!