The PA Show Manchester is thrilled to announce that Fruidel are officially our Platinum Sponsor for PA Show Manchester 2019. Fruidel opened their doors in 2015, shortly after the company was dreamt up by Co-founders Jason and Steven. They both left their corporate jobs behind and set out to create a company that would, above all, have one main mission statement; to put a smile on people’s faces and benefit the businesses it worked with.

That company became Fruidel, the fruit basket delivery company. Fruidel currently supply premium fruit baskets to over 3000 offices throughout the country, bringing smiles to working faces and making a true impact on the businesses they connect with. Fruidel’s fruit baskets help companies increase productivity, enhance morale and promote a happy, healthy workplace, whilst keeping costs low.

Fruidel are not only our Platinum Sponsor but they will also be exhibiting at Victoria Warehouse over the duration of the show, giving all attendees a chance to network and build prospective relationships with the brand, we look forward to welcoming Fruidel to the PA Show Manchester on July 3 & 4