OMYAGUE LONDON will be held within the PA Show this year, apply to attend this Luxury Corporate Gifting Fair when registering for your PA Show visitor badge. Read below as the OMYAGUE team share their gift advice with you: 

Clients and staff need to be acknowledged as individuals 

At OMYAGUE, we believe a gift should make an impact, otherwise the gesture will be forgotten. A present must draw attention, trigger feelings and emotions. 

Companies need to plan for different types of events (product launches, motivational meetings, conferences, loyalty programmes, team building events, seminars…) and for distinct individuals.

Business relationships and personal relationships are very similar. They need to be valued and looked after. 

A gift should not be a problem-solver, but a sign of recognition and a message of appreciation.

When you choose a gift for a friend, you make a real effort to select a present that he or she will like and treasure. You will not pick a random product. Apply the same rule when you look for your business and incentive gifts.

The exhibitors at our OMYAGUE Luxury Corporate Gifting Fair are brands selected for their quality, their uniqueness, their craftsmanship or inventiveness. Our aim is to help you find gifts that show that you care and that you made an effort to please the recipient. 

A carefully chosen present will trigger smiles and gratitude, feelings you will ultimately share with the recipient. Business gifts are marketing tools which trigger positive emotions.

The unique brands at our Show will help the visitors fine-tune their choices and get the best offers to fit their budgets. Our purpose is to help the buyer show genuine appreciation to a a sporty client, trendy members of staff, a hipster, a more traditional gentleman, a classy woman, a nerd, a group of co-workers or food-lovers. 

Choosing the right gift is important, but so is the quest! 

At our OMYAGUE Luxury Corporate Gifting Fair, we wish to present our visitors with a unique choice of products that will fit every occasion, event, client or member of staff. 

We welcome you to visit our OMYAGUE LONDON 2019 LUXURY CORPORATE GIFTING FAIR on 26&27 February at the OLYMPIA Exhibition Centre. 

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