Hay Hampers is launching The Perfect PA Hamper, a luxury gift designed to pamper Personal, Executive and Virtual Assistants with gourmet treats any time of the day.

The hamper, which will be presented at the Office* Show in London on 28th February and 1st March and it will be given away as a raffle prize on that occasion, contains a selection of carefully hand-picked delicacies.

A bottle of Prosecco for that “I nailed it and deserve to celebrate” type of day.

A bottle of Limoncello for the “that was tough - I need to unwind” type of day.

Italian coffee for the “I overdid the unwinding with Limoncello last night and need to get going” type of morning.

French Truffles for “only a melt in the mouth luxury chocolate sneaked out of the desk drawer will help get me through it” afternoons.

Apple pie cookies with chewy middles for the “I am going to really impress in this meeting plus everyone will be super jealous of my biscuits” moment.

Vegetarian black olive tapenade pate to spread on sourdough crackers, a quick meal substitute for the “there is no food in the house and I am too shattered to shop” evening.

Health improving green Ceylon tea for the “I can feel a cold coming on and I don’t have time for illness” moment.

All these delicacies are hand-packed in a pale grey lidded wicker hamper, which can become a handy container and it can be reused long after the contents of the hamper have been consumed.

Priced £63.50, this hamper is vegetarian and it is suitable both for a woman and a man. “A good PA is essential to the smooth running of any business. It can be a demanding and under appreciated role” explains Gabriele Da Re, Managing Director of Hay Hampers. “So we think it is important to show recognition of your appreciation with a useful and practical, yet delicious and indulgent gift. And you will be rewarded with a happy and productive employee!”