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25 May 2023

3 No-Brainers to Boost IT Asset Recovery Rates

3 No-Brainers to Boost IT Asset Recovery Rates

1️⃣ Use asset labels!

Stick asset labels on all your corporate belongings from phones and laptops, to access passes, keys and cables. Each asset label has a unique QR code and does not show your company name or logo. Register the Asset with Setyl so if an Asset is lost, the finder will scan the QR code and provide their contact details.

Setyl passes the finders contact details to the owner of the asset so you can discreetly retrieve the asset. One of our clients boosted their recovery rate from 35% to 95% by implementing Setyl’s Discreet Asset Recovery Service!


2️⃣ Require employees to sign an Acceptable Use Policy for each of their company assets.

AUPs outline the acceptable behaviour & usage of IT hardware. Outline your asset recovery procedure and the penalty for failure to return assets within your Acceptable Use Policy.

They play a huge role in increasing recovery rates of assets through:

Protection of company assets:

An Asset Acceptable Use policy safeguards assets from misuse, damage, and unauthorised access by establishing clear boundaries and guidelines for employees and users.

Mitigation of security risks:

The policy promotes secure practices, such as password protection, encryption, and data backup, reducing the risk of data breaches, unauthorised access, and malicious activities.

Compliance with legal requirements:

The policy ensures adherence to laws, regulations, and industry standards, addressing issues like data privacy, intellectual property rights, and confidentiality, to mitigate legal and reputational consequences.

This should be paperless and embedded in your IT management platform!


3️⃣ Complete an annual IT audit.

It is important to maintain an accurate inventory and will become more seamless each year you commit to completing an audit. The IT audit will confirm the accuracy of your records and resolve any ghost assets. (assets listed in your business's asset register but not physically accounted for in the workplace).

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