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2024 at Karma Cans

Karma Cans Stand: D28P
2024 at Karma Cans

2023 was a huge year for us at Karma Cans. We brought on new team members, expanding our kitchen, operations and sales/events teams and began planning the expansion of our kitchen for 2024.

As our kitchen grows, so too do our services. We’re offering more delicious and creative breakfasts, lunches and in-office popups than ever before. Our events services are expanding and we’re bringing exciting additions to make them the most talked about event of the year; a coffee cart to go with your conference catering perhaps?

The big buzz however, is all around our new product Karma Canteen, where we promise to redefine the dining experience for your office spaces. Offering a diverse range of carefully curated, daily-changing menus to nourish and indulge your teams. Our canteen will become the office hub of social interaction, where colleagues can come together. Because, after all, the best ideas always happen at the table.

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