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 Tips to help evaluate your company travel policy

 Tips to help evaluate your company travel policy

Everywhere we look, prices are on the up and travel budgets are being stretched to their limit. In addition, travellers’ well-being, new ways of working, cleanliness and hygiene are all key considerations.

Post-pandemic, we’ve seen a growing trend of businesses evaluating their company travel policies. Our guide below provides you with six topics to consider when facing these challenges.

1. Is the cheapest rate the best rate?
When you’re thinking of booking a hotel for your business, are you really getting the flexibility you need? We all know plans can change quickly, which often means the cheapest isn’t always the best option. Ensure your travel policy has a range of flexible rates available to suit your employee’s needs.

2. Going green
Minimising the environmental impact of your business travel is more important now than ever and will no doubt be high on your priority list. With that in mind, consider the sustainable credentials of your business travel partners, to support your CSR values and commitments.

3. Book early
Let’s be honest, booking accommodation on the day or the day before you travel usually works out to be the most expensive option. If you know that your travel plans are confirmed, booking further in advance is definitely a good idea and could save your company money. If plans have the potential to change, book a flexible rate which allows you to cancel or amend your booking.

4. Simplifying expenses
Expense forms – sometimes it can all feel a little complicated and difficult to get your head around, right?
Consider an expense solution which offers a payment card that consolidates all your travel spend in one place, getting rid of individual expense claims from your employees who are travelling for work purposes.

5. Maximise savings
Consolidating your travel spend through a single booking channel will make reporting simpler, more efficient and means you can maximise any potential savings by ensuring adherence with your travel policy.

6. Budget control
When it comes to your company travel policy, have you considered the following control measures:
•    Can you pre-authorise spend levels?
•    Are your employees clear on their food and drink allowances?
•    Do you have the right reporting tools to monitor employee compliance with your travel policy?
Building these into your travel policy will provide your employees with clarity when staying away on business and claiming expenses.

How we can support you
From booking to bed, we’re here to help you rest easy. With over 800 hotels across the UK, we’re everywhere you need to be. We have a great choice of rooms to suit your needs, a range of flexible rates including our Flex rate which you can cancel or amend up to 1pm on the day of arrival, and business tools for faff-free booking. Make working away from home for your employees as convenient and easy as possible when you book with Premier Inn.
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