AirGO Private Airline is dedicated to carbon footprint reduction and specialized in the charter, sales and management of the most efficient and sustainable private jets in their class. The AirGO mono fleet system provides best practice thanks to deep knowledge, efficiency and flexibility. The Avanti EVO fleet is a unique set of aircraft offering the same cabin space as a Midsize Jet and speed as a light jet with the fuel efficiency of a turboprop serving about 2000 destinations in Europe non-stop. For 20 years, AirGO’s unique operational experience and product knowledge has offered customers a truly tailor-made experience from purchase through operations that is unmatched in the industry. In 2020 AirGO expand services with the launch of a new best-in-its-class mono fleet of Embraer Praetor 600. The only Super Midsize Jet able to fly 4000 nm non-stop due to low fuel consumption and fine-tuned aerodynamics – less cost for lots of range.