Top Tips in Microsoft Excel

Subpage Hero

Many delegates on my courses have a genuine fear of Excel. The basic logic is someone somewhere is an expert so I will leave it to them. That’s a shame. Excel has been designed with one goal in mind. It will do what you ask. If you don’t ask correctly it’ll soon let you know.

The secret of Excel is learning how to communicate with it. Excel always behaves in the same way. In this webinar we will cover a mixture of basic, intermediate and advanced skills.

  • Quick Totals (Alt + =)
  • Paul’s all time favourite tip to find formulas
  • Adding comments
  • Wrapping Text
  • Freeze Pane secret
  • The wonders of Paste Special
  • You need to be using the Clearing Cells Button
  • Auto fill surprises
  • Producing drop down lists
  • Editing Several Sheets Simultaneously
  • Conditional Formatting
  • How to split text into Columns
  • How to print impossible documents
  • Getting Sheets/Workbooks to talk to each other
  • Combining Two or more Formulas
  • The miracle of Flash Fill
  • Having fun with Charts
  • Sparklines