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Insider recruitment tips for PAs to separate you from the crowd
25th March 2021

Looking for a job is difficult, competitive and sometimes confusing. A quick search online and you’re bombarded with hints and tips which are always so generic. Let’s face it, we all know we need a good CV and shouldn’t be late for an interview! Drawing on over 20 years of PA recruitment experience, Paul has put together a simple list of innovative, insider tips that recruiters don’t normally tell you. Hiring managers love these tried and tested (and in some cases out of the box) methods and they will definitely separate you from the crowd!

Speaker: Paul Kelly

The wellness hack > Find the right selfcare routine to boost physical and mental wellness 
1st April

Working from home can be a positive experience for many but for those who are encountering it for the first time or now on a full-time basis, the impact on mental and physical health can be enormous. As lines between work and home life become blurred and the regular visits to the gym pre or post work are no longer part of the daily routine, isolation and burnout can take their toll with a lack of social interactions and physical activity to alleviate feelings of stress.

Speaker: Romy-Jane Ashmore

Party Time!
8th April

As the prospect of live events becomes a reality, what are the key ingredients for arranging a Summer Party that really rocks.  How can you combat any latent nervousness amongst your employees and create an event that’s worthy of a grand reunion but inclusive of those who are still reticent about attending in-person.

Speaker: Liz Taylor, Taylor Lynn Corporation

Tech tools hack > Your guide to the top 10 tech tools to change your working life
15th April

10 essential tech tools for slicker remote working. In the ever-increasing ocean of technology, what are the executive support must-haves in order to save time and increase efficiency and capability.

Speaker: Lauren Bradley

Communication > Improve your communication strategy and delivery 
22nd April

Communication can be the first casualty of working remotely. Ensuring you are communicating effectively with all principals is key, especially when working from home.

Effective communication is essential for strong business relations, consistency in workflow, greater productivity, sound decision making, better control, problem solving and achieving a better response generally from all stakeholders. This webinar will help you overcome the communication barriers endemic to remote working.

Speakers: Amy Watmore, The Administration Hub

CyberSecurity>  Upskill in CyberSecurity to protect your staff and your systems 
29th April

Working remotely makes you a target for cybercriminals as sensitive information and data is being shared across different networks. This webinar will help you to safeguard your cyber security at home, how to act if you think your security has been hacked, how to be aware of cyber attacks as they happen, what to do if someone hacks into an audio call and much more.

Speakers: To Be Confirmed

Time Management > Becoming a pro at time management, both yours and your teams 
6th May

Working from home has been challenging in different ways for a lot of people. The shift in work/life balance, differentiating between the two when both worlds collide, balancing the needs of child or elderly parent care, ensuring you take breaks, substituting the ‘water cooler’ moments. How do you create the time to satisfy every dimension of your wfh life? In this webinar we will provide strategies and techniques for taking control of your day, maintaining productivity, managing your time and working effectively with your executive.

Speaker: Lindsay Taylor

Managing your exec remotely
13th May

Managing your exec remotely involves a whole different skillset and buy-in to potentially new processes from your exec so that you can continue to function as a partnership. In order to implement the plan you need to have a thorough understanding of the personalities in play and the techniques, technology and rules of engagement so that you can continue to support your exec at the same level you would if you were in the office environment.

Speaker: Lucy Brazier

Team Building > Design a meaningful team building programme to engage staff
20th May

Keeping staff engaged either virtually or when coming back to the office is a challenge, especially when the normal ‘team building’ activities are off limits or perhaps daily catchups face to face with the team are no longer. In a global pandemic, it is more important than ever to maintain and boost morale. This session will give you ideas, tips and resources to engage your teams so that you can ensure your workplace productivity is at a high.

Speaker: Bluehat Teambuilding

Safeguarding your office environment
27th May

As businesses return to the workplace, health and safety are of utmost importance. This session covers all elements including workplace compliance, creating a safe environment, seating plans, screens, one way systems, stairwell and lift occupancies, risk assessments, sourcing equipment, handling travel arrangements and organising external meetings.

Speaker: To Be Confirmed

Virtual Events – 7 essential tips for organising virtual meetings and events > Plan and deliver online events and conferences like a pro
3rd June

Virtual meetings are essential for all employees working from home to keep communication live, projects on track and to maintain corporate cohesion around the purpose and values of your organisation. How do you ensure engagement and overcome Zoom fatigue?

Speaker: Franco de la Croix-Vaubois


Is your HR fit for purpose for a remote workforce  
10th June

How do you maintain HR best practice remotely? How can you continue to benchmark performance effectively without micro-management? How do you conduct a redundancy consultation by Zoom? How do you do a disciplinary? This session is about understanding the responsibility of employers to staff outside the office from an HR and legal compliance perspective.   

Speaker: Apostrophe HR


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