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Love being more productive? 

Not sure how to get the best out of Microsoft Office?

You are in the right place. Shelley Fishel - The MS Office Maestro will be your guide - making sure that you get more done in less time with Microsoft Office Applications.

One client recently said - Shelley is like the angel on my shoulder - how cool is that?

Come and hear me speak about Microsoft Teams and Word and PowerPoint and how they all work together.


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  • Essential Office for The Savvy Assistant Launching at The PA Show this new online training program from Shelley Fishel - The MSOfficeMaestro is jam packed with lessons on all the essentials of Microso ...
  • tomorrow's VA HUB

    09 May 2021
    Get access to ALL my courses in one place. New courses added when I create them. Pay once.
  • Learn how to use Microsoft PowerPoint to create stunning presentations without fuss or bother!  6 and a half hours of step by step video tutorials - you will wonder how you managed before.
  • Learn how to use Microsoft Teams effectively. From setting it up to creating Teams and Channels. Collaborating on documents and having meetings.
  • Learn how to create stunning eBooks and Lead Magnets by learning all about Microsoft Word. In this course we go through whatever you need to know to use Microsoft Word effectively.
  • ✅ Work all the essential email functions ✅ Get back deleted messages – you know, the ones you pressed delete on too soon before realising in horror ✅ Create quick steps to speed things up ✅ Work with ...
  •   This course is brimming with content. It includes how to: ✅ Set up your worksheet with ease ✅ Know and understand the different parts of your worksheet and workbook ✅ Move around the application lik ...
  • Ever wanted to create a fancy form that other people can fill in? Well, in this course I show you exactly how to do that.
  • At The PA Show in 2019 I delivered a session - Create Excellent Spreadsheets. This year I will be speaking about Microsoft Teams and Microsoft Word and PowerPoint.
  • From Word to PowerPoint

    23 Jun 2021 Shelley Fishel
    Leran how to convert a Microsoft Word document to a Magnificent Microsoft PowerPoint Presentation.
  • Taming Teams

    22 Jun 2021 Shelley Fishel
    Join me for Taming Teams on June 22nd. Find out how to make Microsoft Teams your own, work smarter and add extra functionality to your Teams.
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