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Tailored Staff

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Tailored Staff

Tailored Staff is a new-ish recruitment company set up by Kate C., who has over a decade's worth of recruitment experience in both roles - as a recruiter and as an employer. Kate dismissed the recruitment market, which had failed to source candidates with certain skills or work attitude and Kate ended up personally handling the recruitment for various private roles by herself, ultimately landing better experience by encouraging a more personal approach. 

Kate founded Tailored Staff as a response to the rigid standard of nowadays recruitment, lacking the personal touch of simply understanding the roles and all that comes with them, and getting to know the candidates on the other hand is crucial to ensuring the two are suitable and will ultimately create a happy employment solution. 

The aim is to establish trust within all parts of the chain, including the Principals, PAs, VAs, EAs, and others in charge or enquiring about recruitment, as well as the candidates. And the main goal? Longevity! To maintain trust and a high standard. 

Come and have a chat with us. We will be delighted to show you a different approach to recruitment.

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