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Savoya, a global executive car service, prioritizes safe, reliable, and luxurious transportation for executives, VIPs, board members, and high-profile clients. While Savoya drives executives, they built their platform for executive assistants with booking technology that saves you time and keeps your team automatically updated with relevant trip updates. Here's why Savoya is your top choice for executive transportation:

Streamlined Technology: The Savoya online portal simplifies the entire process—booking, updating, tracking, and communication—keeping you in control and well-informed. Features like passenger profiles, saved locations, and single-click rebook and return trip options are easy-to-use and ensure you minimize time spent booking car service. 

Proactive Support Team: Savoya knows travel plans often change at the last minute and is ready to react the moment something shifts. With flight-tracking technology, itinerary changes due to delays are automatically adjusted for without any intervention from you. Should something change on your end, the support staff is available 24/7 to assist and reconfirm your updated trip itinerary. 

Safety and Reliability: Rest easy knowing your executive is in safe hands when traveling with Savoya as all drivers must pass an extensive 14-step vetting process. Once approved, they undergo rigorous training, prioritizing secure and comfortable journeys. Punctuality is guaranteed, keeping your executive on schedule and notifying you of their arrival so you never have to wonder if they made it on time.

For additional information and to receive an exclusive 25% discount on your first three reservations, use this personalized link and one of our team members will be in touch soon: 

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