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Paint Party Social Club

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Paint Party Social Club

Hi there, and a warm welcome to Paint Party Social Club! I'm Mariella Wilson, the founder of this joyous, vibrant, and happiness-spreading venture. My passion? Creating happy moments and unforgettable memories. At Paint Party Social Club, we specialise in turning team events and personal celebrations into an explosion of creativity and colour. It's all about crafting art parties that leave lasting smiles and cherished experiences.

Here at Paint Party Social Club, each brushstroke weaves a story, and every burst of colour brings a moment of pure joy. Our themed paint parties and art workshops go beyond the ordinary; they are a celebration of laughter, connection, and self-expression. From team-building workshops to birthday celebrations or just a fun night with friends, every event we host is tailored to be an unforgettable and one-of-a-kind experience.

At Paint Party Social Club, we're all about bringing the celebration to you. Transform your office, home, or any chosen location into a vibrant art studio with our mobile party service. We're here to help with everything, from assisting in finding the ideal venue to offering complimentary e-invitations. Rest assured, we'll make every aspect of your event seamless and enjoyable.

Our aim is to become the go-to choice in the UK for creative team events and private parties. Whether you're looking for a fun team activity or planning a special celebration, we're here with art, fun, and endless creativity.

Join us at Paint Party Social Club for an experience you won't forget, where every event is an opportunity to create something uniquely beautiful. Ready to bring more colour into your life? Let's make it happen!

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